Plus size blouses for woman

Fortunately, fashion does not set limits, so much so that you can be desirable even when wearing a plus size blouses for woman.

Indeed often combining a bit of imagination and desire to dare you can find solutions that in some cases would be unthinkable.

We women often try to hide our imperfections, instead of making them our strengths.

We hide under our sweaters, sometimes huge, our body because maybe we do not feel beautiful or sexy, but we should learn to love and value us more.

And in this fashion comes to help us.

Since yesterday has started the spring for which better opportunity to give vent to our imagination, to color our days with a more pleasant and cute clothing?

The best medicine is shopping, renovating your wardrobe and finally daring to wear cooler clothes that make us feel good.

Having said that I turned on my computer and typed the magic words Rosegal, the store online  where all dreams come true.

Here I found  plus size blouses for woman like me for the spring period, at really affordable prices, they are very feminine and colorful, with pretty and very trendy prints.

You can easily combine both wearing a pair of jeans, or a classic skirt or a miniskirt.

I really love butterflies are the symbol of freedom and femininity

My favorite is the pink one printed with butterflies that drops softly along the sides without being too tight.

Since the season allows you to take nice walks.

And I like walking a lot with my husband to keep fit I also wanted to buy long sleeved shirts that I can combine with my outfit, if the evening is not too cold.

Here are the models that I liked the most you can admire here in shop now.

As you can also see these are very classic models but at the same time.

I chose for comfort and taste very very soft models and at the same time that also enhance my life point.

There are three very different models including the color.

I really like because it is a color that allows you to combine more styles, even if different from each other.

I have a daughter and this allows us to change our clothes because we both have the same size even if she is slightly taller than me, here.

She also loves butterflies very much and so I wanted to buy some T-shirts for the summer season.

That she can wear when she goes to dance with her friends.

To be honest I chose for her but also based on my taste, since I will definitely use some of her T-shirt.

Article made in collaboration with Rosegal.

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